About Us

Founded in 1971, we at Abousleiman & Co. have offered our professional expertise and services to a continuously growing number of clients for over 40 years now. Through our commitment to high moral standards and ethical values we have been successful in establishing strong ties with our clients. We continuously aim to satisfy our clients growing needs through hands on consultations and recommendations to optimize their capacities. Moreover, we are members of both IR Global, a worldwide network of independent professional firms where we are on the tax practice group committee, and ISFIN, a world leader in marketing for the Islamic markets, where we are members of the advisory board, in which we represent Lebanon.

We take pride in the integrity of our team, their dedication and their professionalism in continually providing quality services to all our clients. As such, we consider ourselves as business solutions providers and consequently, we offer a wide range of services with a commitment to excellence, staff continuity, and timely response to the business concerns of institutions private, public and non for profit. These services include (but are not limited to):

  • enterprise risk management
  • audit & assurance
  • internal audit
  • tax advisory
  • coaching & training
  • accounting
  • financial management consulting
  • valuation services

Moreover, within our tax advisory service we have had extensive experience in handling tax claims and objections with the Ministry of Finance as well as the National Social Security Fund.

Besides providing professional consulting services, Abousleiman & Co., over the past few years, has begun to hold specifically targeted training workshops and seminars varying from in-house technical training workshops to advanced managerial seminars i.e. the Science of Leadership, Strategic Planning, Risk Management, Internal Audit Practices, Monetary Security, etc... Furthermore, Abousleiman & Co. is proudly developing a Tax Diploma Program to be delivered in collaboration with the Continuing Education Center at the American University of Beirut, in April 2017.

Abousleiman & Co. is a member of the Lebanese Association of Certified Public Accountants (LACPA) and the Arab Union for Accountants and Auditors. We are also registered as sworn auditors with the Judiciary Courts of Lebanon providing our professional opinions on lawsuits and in some cases acting as arbitraries.