Leadership Seminar for Political Parties and Civic Institutions

In collaboration with the president of Leadership Coaching Inc and Antoun Abousleiman, the Tachnak Party hosted a seminar on Leadership for Lebanese Political Party Youth at the Aghpalian Center in Mezher Antelias in the presence of the parlimentarian Mr. Hagop Pakroudanian & Mr. Amin Saleh President of the LACPA. The opening speech was given by Mr. Wissam Abousleiman, Managing Director of Abousleiman & co. for auditing & accounting (www.abousleimangroup.com), where he introduced Mr. Engels who discussed the science of leadership, emotional maturity, managing relationships, coaching skills, challenge growth & leadership qualities to the youth of Lebanon. John has coached hundreds of business leaders throughout his 29 years of experience to be leaders, mentors & coaches in their organizations throughout the USA, Europe & Japan. He is in Lebanon to give a three day seminar hosted by Abousleiman & co at the Merryland Hotel in Bikfaya from June 4-6 for businessmen and community leaders entitled: Leadership Maturity, Employee Engagement & High Performance. The presentation was attended by representatives from the Tachnak Party, Free Patriotic Movement, ElMarada, Zahle Popular Block, Syrian Socialist National Party, People's Movement, & Hezbollah.

Lecturer: John Engels