Enterprise Risk Management

We at ABOUSLEIMAN & CO. strongly believe that clients must continuously implement Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) concepts and processes to identify, analyze, evaluate, and monitor risk control and financial resources in order to mitigate and treat the adverse effects of loss exposures. Our proficiency in the fields of governance, enterprise risk management, financial consultancy, tax advisory, and assurance services has allowed us to succeed in maintaining long term sustainability of many clients while assuring their compliance with local laws, professional standards, internal policies and procedures, with the purpose of creating a culture of accountability and transparency; while planning against possible future or unforeseen risks.

How can we help

Within the risk management framework our aim is to find and reduce factors that can later become a risk for our clients, hence checking for: 

  • Nonconformities
  • Irregularities
  • Inconsistencies
  • Inaccuracies
  • Gaps or weaknesses in controls
  • Opportunities for improvement.


Assessing risk at the project, portfolio, and/or business levels helps clients understand risk, make better decisions, negotiate fair contracts, create risk mitigation scenarios, and improve teamwork. Our role is to show clients how risk assessments lead to accurate plans that are less likely to lead to errors such as budget overruns, cash flow inadequacies, or even give room for fraudulent acts etc…

To summarize the outcome of our work targets any or all of the following give four major areas:


Based on our history, we have gathered a list of the major risk areas associated with managing risks.