Management & financial consultancy

We have provided management and financial consultancy services for the preparation of strategic and business plans for both public and private entities. These services allow for more efficient operations, competitiveness and more profitability within the client’s environment and usually require our further assistance in planning, designing and installing systems to provide information needed to management. Such services have included:

  • Financing, advising on sources of finance and negotiating its terms
  • Providing assistance with preparation of budgets, cost analysis, and profitability margins with advice on methods to improve profit or reduce costs particularly in the financial areas
  • Cash flow forecasting and analysis
  • Assessing risks while determining suitable control and monitoring techniques
  • Preparation of reports for investment banks and financial institutions
  • Preparation of consolidated financial statements for group/holding companies and joint ventures
  • Business expansion advice Business process re-engineering and product/service quality improvement
  • Reporting on specific business activities such as the operation of a branch or a subsidiary