Industries Served

Our partners and staff have extensive level of expertise in various business sectors for small, medium and large businesses that cover:

Client Industry Example
Financial institutions

banks, insurance companies, brokers, foreign exchange bureaus,

Professional services

legal, designing, actuarial

Media & entertainment

media, production, advertising, magazines

Manufacturing & trading

packaging, clothing, electronics, automotive


hospitals, clinics, doctors

Hospitality management & leisure

clubs, restaurants, pubs

Travel & tourism

travel & ticketing agencies, hotels


contracting, architectural

Oil, gas & energy

refineries, refinery management groups, electricity utilities


ports, transport, funds, municipalities

Pension & retirement funds

syndicates and professional unions


international branches, representative offices, local NGOs, orders & syndicates


auditing, tax, IFRS, ISA, IPSAS, feasibility studies, management, leadership


provided by donors to Public authorities and non-profit-for organizations


The diagrams below present our clients’ distribution according to the specific services provided, sectors and regions serviced, as well as industries in both the private and public sectors: