Abousleiman & Co. in IR Meet the Members MENA Publication

The Middle East and North Africa (#MENA) region is very a diverse region that is unified in common history, cultures, language, religion and in many cases with close ties, treaties & various investment agreements making it attractive to many for inbound investments.
From a practical perspective, investors need to understand all these factors & to do so need to connect with the right professionals who have the know-how, understand the culture, and speak the language.

Likewise, the #MENA is full of human capital, raw minerals & wealth that from an outbound point of view always look for opportunities to do work with western & eastern counterparts alike to advance trade & investment relationships.

This publication offers much insight into the ongoing developments & working experiences in the MENA region, where fellow #IRGLOBAL members share their specialties whether having to do with structures, copyrights, immigration, and other matters.

We at Abousleiman & Co. are delighted to have shared our views & the ways we can be of use on both out & inbound opportunities especially when it comes to understanding risks of doing business and planning ahead.

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